In between the bodies slightly changeable

Young couple.

A woman and a man in their long marriage.

A friendship between two elderly women.

A mother and a son.

An uncle and his nephew.

How do we react to others and what shape does our response take? Focusing on warm, kind and lasting relations, the artwork tries to emphasize the importance of understanding, devotion, softness, and tenderness in our lines of communication with others.

w/ Antonija Bacic

photo: Sara Moritz



23rd of September, a day when nothing out of ordinary happened

It’s the last day of Indian summer. On that day two people, a man and a woman, spent their time resting in a small village near the sea. It seems like they know each other very well. As a matter of fact, it seems like they’re used to each other – they recognize and understand each other. They’re devoted to one another. They know what the frown between the eyebrows means and which question doesn’t need an answer. They’re annoyed with barely visible habits like milk in one’s coffee and wrongly named flowers.

The memory od 23rd of September is the common one but at the same time individual. Who is the narrator? Text is inhabited with two consciousness. Both give us an intimate view of a time frame the traces of which stayed in objects, photographs and drawings made or found that day. Both voices are transparent, but never enough. Convinced in the accuracy of their memory, both search for evidence in that which is palpable and lasting.





Here everyone cuts their hair short. Long hair is considered improper and messy and no one in their right mind would allow their hair to grow past their ears. The longest this woman ever let her hair grow was 15 centimeters. She is an administrator and archiver – she sorts out things that need to be thrown and things to be kept. When she was young, she stumbled upon some writings, photographs, and objects that caused a problem for her. Her recent lecture about found materials sets questions about the value of art. Is it something to be thrown or something valuable to be kept? If she keeps it, how does she deal with it and care for it?